The American Institute for History Education has allowed us to maximize the effectiveness of our Teaching American History Grant.…
- Evelyn J. Taraszkiew
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Scholars, Historians, and Specialists

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Affiliation Name
American University Dr. Daniel Dreisbach
Auburn University Dr. Kenneth W. Noe
Baylor University Dr. David Nichols
Dr. Stephen Sloan
Boston College Dr. Kenneth Kersch
Boston University Dr. Peter Gibbon
Bowie State University Dr. Tamara L. Brown
California State University, Chico Dr. Alan Gibson
California State University, Fresno Dr. Mark E. Arvanigian
Dr. Daniel Jay Cady
Dr. Michele Den Beste
Dr. Andrea Shan Johnson
Dr. David Berkey
Prof. Lori Clune
Dr. Jill Field
Dr. Melissa Jordine
Dr. Bradley Jones
Dr. Ethan Kytle
Dr. DeAnna Reese
Dr. William Skuban
Dr. Eileen Walsh
Prof. Jared Aldern
California State University, Fullerton Dr. Allison Varzally
California State University, Northridge Dr. Joshua Sides
City College of New York (CCNY) Dr. Darren Staloff
College of Mount Saint Vincent Dr. Charles L. Flynn, Jr.
Dr. Daniel Opler
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Dr. Dale Van Eck
Connecticut College Dr. Dave Canton
Delaware State University Dr. Alexa Cawley
Dr. Yinghony Cheng
Dr. Ahati Ioure
Dr. Jahi Issa
Dr. Akwasi Osei
Dr. Niklas Robinson
DePaul University Dr. Margaret M. Storey
Dickinson College Dr. Matthew Pinsker
DivaBooks, LLC Dr. Patricia Brady
East Carolina University Dr. Gerald J. Prokopowicz
Emporia State University Dr. Christopher P. Lovett
Fairfield University Dr. Yohuru Williams
Fairleigh Dickinson University Dr. Katherine Bullard
Dr. Chris Rasmussen
Foreign Policy Research Institute Prof. Edward Turzanski
George Mason University Dr. David J. Gerleman
Gettysburg College Prof. David Booz
Harford College Dr. Sheldon Avery
Hillsdale College Dr. Paul A. Rahe
Dr. Paul Moreno
Hofstra University Dr. Alan Singer
Holy Cross College Dr. Edward O'Donnell
Loyola University, New Orleans Dr. Mark Fernandez
McNeese State Dr. Ray Miles
Dr. Janet Allured
Michigan State University Dr. William Allen
Millikin University Dr. Kevin Murphy
Montclair State University Prof. George Zilbergeld
Normandale Community College Dr. John "Chuck" Chalberg
Northern Illinois University Dr. Bradley B. Bond
Ohio State University Dr. William B. Feis
Dr. Susan Hartmann
Penn State University Dr. Richard A. Sauers
Princeton University Dr. James McPherson
Dr. Keith Whittington
Dr. Sean Wilentz
Dr. Brad Wilson
Raritan Central College Dr. Glenn Ricketts
Rutgers University Dr. Donna Murch
Dr. Lloyd Gardner
Dr. David Greenberg
Dr. Lisa Miller
Dr. Camilla Townsend
Dr. James Goodman
Dr. Eric Davis
Seton Hall University Dr. Brigitte Koenig
Dr. Maxine N. Lurie
Dr. William Connell
Dr. Joanne Goldaman
Dr. Larry Greene
Dr. Nathaniel Knight
Dr. Daniel Leab
Dr. James McCartin
Dr. Mark Molesky
Dr. Thomas Rzeznik
Shippensburg University Dr. Betty Dessants
Skidmore College Dr. Tadahisa Kuroda, Emeritus
Smithsonian Institute Dr. James Loewen
Southern Illinois University Dr. Johnathan Bean
Southern University Dr. Eva Baham
Temple University Dr. Ralph Young
Dr. Regina Gramer
Dr. Richard Immerman
Dr. Kenneth Kusmer
Dr. Gregory Urwin
Dr. Elizabeth Varon
Texas A&M Dr. Terry Anderson
Texas Christian University Dr. Steven E. Woodworth
The College of New Jersey Dr. Daniel W. Crofts
Dr. Ann Marie Nicolosi
Professor Jeff Osborn
The Museum of the Confederacy Dr. John M. Coski
Tulane University Dr. Lawrence N. Powell
U.S. Naval Academy Dr. Craig L. Symonds, Emeritus
University of Alabama Dr. George Rable
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Dr. David T. Beito
University of California, Davis Prof. Lisa Bennett
University of Central Florida Dr. Rose Beiller
Dr. Richard Crepeau
Dr. Spencer Downing
Dr. Amy Foster
Dr. Edmund Kallina
Dr. Connie Lester
Dr. Mark Long
Dr. John Sacher
Dr. James Clark
University of Delaware Dr. Raymond Wolters
University of Florida Dr. Sean Adams
University of Illinois, Chicago Dr. Richard Jensen, Emeritus
University of Illinois, Urbana Champlain Dr. Bruce Levine
University of Maryland Dr. Herman Belz
University of Massachusetts Dr. Vincent Cannato
University of Nebraska, Omaha Dr. Carson Holloway
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Dr. Kevin Dawson
Dr. Joseph Fry
Dr. Greg Hise
Dr. Andrew Kirk
Dr. Maria Raquel Casas
Dr. David Tanenhaus
Dr. David Wrobel
University of North Carolina, Greensboro Dr. Blain Roberts
Dr. Charles C. Bolton
Dr. Greg O'Brien
Dr. Watson Jennison III
Dr. Jeffrey Jones
Dr. Lisa Carol Tolbert
University of Northern Iowa Dr. Thomas Connors
Dr. John Baskerville
Dr. Wallace Hettle
Dr. John Johnson
Dr. Ken Lyftogt
Dr. Robert Martin
Dr. Donald Shepardson
Dr. David Walker
Dr. Carol Weisenberger
University of Southern Mississippi Dr. Kyle F. Zelner
Dr. Curtis Austin
Dr. Max Grivno
Dr. Andrew Haley
Dr. Phyllis G. Jestice
Dr. Michael Neiberg
Dr. William K. Scarborough
Dr. Andrew A. Wiest
University of Virginia Dr. Marc Selverstone
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Dr. David Hoeveler
University of Wisconsin, River Falls Dr. Jill Zahniser
Vanderbilt University Dr. Daniel Usner, Jr.
Villanova University Dr. Judith Giesberg
Dr. Colleen Sheehan
Washington and Lee University Dr. Lucas Morel
Western Connecticut State University Dr. David Detzer
Yale University Dr. John Demos

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