An interactive museum is the setting for students in Pre-K through 5th grade to learn about American history and social studies from the first explorers to the early 20th century. Imagine your students exploring the great lobby and meeting a cast of interactive characters who are waiting to share their "Did you Know" facts.

CICERO Kids™, from the American Institute for History Education (AIHE), is a convenient and cost-effective classroom tool that is comprised of five online units (sold separately or in modules). Each unit is a complete and comprehensive program designed modularly so that it may be added to other units to expand the series. Click on "Purchase" to buy individual subscriptions or contact us using the contact us form.

AIHE's CICERO Kids™, part of the Cicero Systems™ product family, provides the solutions that all Social Studies and English Language Arts teachers need as they prepare for the Common Core Curriculum Standards. Cicero Systems supplies teachers with empirically proven methods and strategies to bring substantive content to students in a fun and interactive way. The Professional Development available in CICERO Kids has dramatically raised teacher content knowledge, changed the way they teach, and has extraordinarily raised student achievement.

It is the mission of AIHE's Cicero Systems to provide teachers with top-quality online tools to help them engage modern students. Teachers can now prepare students using 21st century technology tools, instead of relying on antiquated teaching methods. The future is now for technology in education.

Cicero Systems has also partnered with other content providers to accent content areas, allowing teachers to drill deeper in specific content without wasting endless hours surfing the web. Cicero Systems also looks to fulfill the hardware needs by partnering with the some of the best classroom hardware providers in the field, such as Sony, Hitachi, and FullCon Solutions. Cicero Systems is able to create packages that will bring the best content, software, and hardware to school districts at a fraction of the cost of what they have been paying for textbooks. Today's technology allows districts to provide students with the best state-of-the-art pedagogy and resources, while saving precious dollars for other needs within the schools.

For more information on CICERO Kids, Cicero Systems or AIHE, please e-mail us at or call (856) 241-1990.