absolute monarch n.

a king or queen who has complete control over the people

acre n.

a piece of land that is 43,560 square feet

across adv.

to the other side of

allegiance n.

faithfulness to your country

Aphrodite n.

the Greek goddess of love

Apollo n.

the Greek god of the sun who is believed to bring the sun every day on his golden chariot. Apollo and his twin sister Artemis are the children of Zeus.

Ares n.

the Greek god of war

Artemis n.

the Greek goddess of hunting and the wilderness. Artemis is Apollo’s twin sister, and they are children of Zeus.

Athena n.

the Greek goddess of wisdom; known for her wisdom and battle strategy

author n.

a person who writes

bald eagle n.

This bird is found in North America. It is mostly brown, but has a white head, neck, and tail feathers.

banner n.

a flag; a piece of cloth with a design

battle n.

a fight between two people or armies

bell n.

a hollow, metal object that makes a ringing sound when hit

borrow v.

to take something with the promise of returning it later

boundary n.

something that marks the end or limits of a territory

bounty n.

a generous reward

caravel n.

a small sailing ship made of wood

cliff n.

a high, very steep face of rock

coast n.

Land along a sea or ocean

constable n.

a police officer

copper n.

a reddish-brown metal that conducts electricity and heat

cotton bale n.

a large, tightly bound bundle of cotton

currency n.


czar n.

a ruler of Russia

desert n.

an area of dry land with very little rainfall or plant life

dune n.

a hill of sand created by wind

explorer n.

a person who travels to new places

Forty-niner (49er) n.

a person who came to California during the Gold Rush of 1849

glacier n.

a large mass of ice that moves slowly across land or down a mountain

god n.

a powerful being believed to be greater than humans that can control certain aspects of nature

goddess n.

a god in female form; a woman who is admired for her beauty or charm

Hades n.

the Greek god of the Underworld; controlled the dead and determined whether they would spend eternity in Elysium (heaven) or torture

Hera n.

the Greek goddess of marriage; the wife of Zeus

hill n.

a raised area of land smaller than a mountain

holiday n.

a special day set aside to remember or celebrate

honesty n.

the quality of being truthful

immigrant n.

a person who leaves the country where he or she was born to live in a new country

import v.

to buy goods from other countries

in adv.

toward the inside

indigenous adj.

growing or living naturally in a certain country or region

island n.

land with water on all sides that is too small to be a continent

isthmus n.

a strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land

job n.

work that is often done for pay

judge n.

the person who sits in the front of the courtroom and makes decisions about the cases

kingdom n.

an area that is ruled by a king or queen

lawyer n.

a person who studies the law and speaks for people in court

minotaur n.

a mythical creature whose bottom half is a man and whose top half is a bull

Mount Olympus n.

the tallest mountain in Greece, where the Greek gods and goddesses are said to reside

myth n.

a made-up story that tells how or why things happened or what people believe

negotiate v.

to make a deal

oasis n.

an area of rich land in a desert

ocean n.

the  body of salt water that covers about 70% of the earth's surface

Olympic Games n.

an event held every four years in which countries around the world sponsor athletes who compete in a variety of sports contests

patent n.

a document that states only the inventor can make and sell his or her invention for a certain number of years

peninsula n.

an area of land that is surrounded by water on three sides

plain n.

flat or gently rolling land with little or no trees

Poseidon n.

the Greek god of the sea; believed to control the seas and its creatures

prince n.

the son of a king and queen

princess n.

the daughter of  a king and queen

reef n.

a living underwater ridge of coral, rocks, sand and sea life

river n.

a large, natural stream of water

satyr n.

a mythical creature whose bottom half is a goat and whose top half is a human

sea n.

a large body of salt water

secede v.

to break away from; to leave

soldier n.

a person in the army

spangle v.

to sparkle

spike n.

a very large, heavy nail

suffrage n.

the right to vote

symbol n.

something that stands for something else

terrifying adj.

extremely scary

through adv.

from one sideor end to the other

translate v.

to take something said or written in one language and change it into another language

tributary n.

a small stream or river that flows into a larger river or lake

trip n.

a visit to a different place

under adv.


up adv.

to a higher place or position

valley n.

the area of low land between hills or mountains

voyage n.

a trip to a faraway place

wizard n.

a person with amazing skill or intelligence

wool n.

the soft, curly hairs of a sheep that are used to make yarn and fabric

world  n.

the Earth and all of the land, water, plants and animals on it

Zeus n.

the Greek god of the sky; believed to rule the sky, including the weather