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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Teachers will find this particular section to be very helpful planning their curriculum for the year and ensuring the alignment between lesson content and State and National Standards. This section includes Lessons and Projects, Methods, Rubrics, Assessments and Elementary Resources.

Teaching Strategies: Raise the bar and take your students to a new level of learning with our Signature Strategies based on Common Core State Standards, TEKS and SOLs. Increase their ability to think critically, become active learners and gain a better understanding of the story of our nation. Highly regarded Master Teachers have designed signature teaching methods and strategies to help enhance pedagogy for elementary, middle and high school teachers. This section provides teachers with the background knowledge for each method.

Lessons and Projects:  In each unit, pre-made Lessons and Projects have been included for teachers to use and adapt to suit the needs of their students. Directions for each have been created in an easy to follow step-by-step format and include all the necessary handouts to complete the procedures. Lessons provide opportunities for Previous Night’s Homework, End of Lesson Homework, Assessment and Extensions.

Rubrics: Help students gain a better understanding of your expectations. Help them to be responsible for their academic decisions and actions. Help them to plan and carry out the necessary steps to achieve higher grades. Various activity and project rubrics can be found in each unit of CICERO. There is also a template for teachers to design their own rubric.

Elementary Resources: Teaching Resources for students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade have been included in units 1 through 12. Young students can read about historical people and events with Early Readers, engage in historical content through interactive PowerPoints, explore through age appropriate activities and projects. Pre-made Lesson Plans are included in each of the 12 units. Teachers may review and adapt any of the lesson plans as necessary for their students. Teachers are encouraged to visit the other sections of CICERO to obtain images, dialogues, poetry, maps, charts and graphs. For even more elementary resources, visit our elementary version at!