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Information Sites
A Brief History of New Sweden in America
Sweeden's 17th century superpower status and impact on Colonial America are explored.
A Virtual Museum of New France
An in-depth exploration of France's colonial empire, including details about exploration, daily life, and Native interaction.
PBS explores the impact of Spanish explorers on the New World.
Dutch Colonies
The Dutch colonial system (1609-1664) is explored, with a special focus on Kingson, NY, where their influence can still be seen.
Elizabethan Explorers
A brief overview of the most influencial explorers from Elizabethan England.
Historic Diaries: Marquette & Joliet, 1673
The story of Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, explorers who would have a major impact on the development of Colonial America.
Native American History: Pre-European Period
An examination of changing beliefs about the origins of Native American peoples, based on recent archeological discovery.
NOVA - Secrets of the Ancient Navigators
NOVA explores the numerous navigational tools used by ancient seafaring civilizations.
Prince Henry the Navigator
The life and explorations of Prince Henry of Portugal, nicknamed "the Navigator," is examined with a special focus on his time with the Order of Christ.
Spanish Exploration and the Conquest of Native America
Focuses on the exploration of Hernand deSoto, the first Westerner to explore North America.
The Columbus Navigation Homepage
A detailed examination of Columbus, including his explorations, discoveries, and interactions with native groups.
The Mariners' Museum Online
A detailed examination of navigation science going back to ancient times. Includes bibliography.