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Information Sites
American President: The Election of 1824
An in-depth analasys of the election, including background on the candidates, influence of Congress, and aftermath.
Election of 1824
A brief overview of the election, including information on the candidates and complete voting results.
Expansion and Reform: 1801 – 1861
A brief examination of Western expansion in 1801 – 1861.
Indian Treaties and the Removal Act of 1830
An overview of U.S.-Native American relations in the 1820's and '30's.
Mexican-American War
A exploration of the Mexican-American War including major battles and an image gallery.
PBS: The U.S.-Mexican War
An interactive overview of the U.S.-Mexican War.
Senecan Falls Convention: July 19-20, 1848
An overview of the convention, including major player.
Texas Independence: Remember the Alamo
A brief summary of the Battle at the Alamo.
Texas Revolution
A short summary of the Texan Revolution.
Texas War of Independence
A collection of figurines showing soldier equipment and uniform from the Texan Revolution.
The Jacksonian Democratic Party
A detailed overview of Andrew Jackson's impact on the Democratic party.
The Mexican-American War
An overview of the U.S.-Mexican War including Primary Sources and teacher's resources.
The U.S.-Mexican War
A searchable resource on the Mexican-American War.
A detailed examination of the Transcendentalist Movement worldwide.