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Here you will find a variety of activities that address multiple ability levels, learning styles and skill sets.

Historical Connections: Historical Connections ask the reader to compare and contrast historical events, people or time periods.  Historic Leaders, for example, puts the lives of Cincinnatus and George Washington in perspective.

Dialogues: Dialogues are original plays created for CICERO in which the characters are comprised of both historic and fictional figures. The cast of America’s First Ally, for example, includes George Washington, Ben Franklin and Louis XVI.

Guided Readings provide students with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of historical events through short readings created on the middle school and high school levels.

Literacy through History: Literacy through History provides an opportunity to analyze various poetry, classical stories and song lyrics of the time period. It also enriches a student’s ability to apply grammar and proofreading skills through Historical Fix-It activities.

Graph Reading: In the units with a Graph Reading section, we focus on tracking data pertaining to various topics of the time period such as, Cotton Production of the South or Growth of Industry.

Web Quests: Web Quests are a wonderful way for students to enhance their research skills. Various research topics and essential questions are provided within each unit. Working either in small groups or as individuals, students are asked to research data and historical facts connected to the topic, then interpret and apply their findings to create projects, fill in research worksheets or create reports and essays.

Perspectives: Perspectives focus on how historical figures respond to particular situations. These documents compare the speeches, actions or decisions historical figures make when faced with similar situations over the course of time.