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It is not only important to know what and when of a historical event but also where. This section will help students to gain a better understanding of geography and why certain historical events took place where in particular locations.

Historical Maps:  Historical Maps are copies of original maps of the past. Students can study the location of historical events and evaluate how landforms and cartography has changed over time.

Map Activities:  Maps in this section are fully completed maps focusing on various historical topics within each unit. Each map is connected to an activity which asks students to answer provided questions, complete data worksheets, or provide a short essay response to an essential question.

Outline Maps: Outline Maps are included in many units. The possibilities for using these maps are endless. Students can highlight and fill in historical locations, identify paths of westward movement, track the path of military strategies and create their own map keys. These maps can be printed or projected onto an interactive white board to infuse technology.

Interactive Maps: Interactive maps are map-based presentations of historical data, showcasing progression over time and/or geography.