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History doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Teachers can bring the story of history to life in the 21st Century through music, historical videos and various PowerPoint presentations.

Presentations: Presentations are original PowerPoints created for CICERO. Each unit contains one or more overview presentations from the time period. There are also many other PowerPoints which are more focused to specific historical events or people. These are not only great resources for learning content, but reliable sources for students to use for research or preparation for assessment.

Video: CICERO provides professor videos, mini-documentaries, character actors and newsreel footage. Closed captioning and transcripts are available for most videos. Lectures from top historians from across the nation have been recorded and broken into small chapters for ease of viewing. Historical re-enactors provide a detailed story of well-known historical figures such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, William Penn, Abigail Adams and many, many more.

Audio:  Audio of the time period can be found in each unit. Original renditions are mostly instrumental, yet, in many cases include printable copies of lyrics and historical analysis.