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CICERO provides different types of video, depending on the unit of study. Most videos are divided in chapters of from 5-7 minutes in length, making it easy to watch parts at different times or over a period of time.

Cartoons: Cartoons, whether in print, film or television, are primary sources the offer insight to the politics and attitudes of key events.

Documentaries: These are narrated presentations of historical events and times, shown through images and music.

Historian Viewpoints: Our historian viewpoints are lectures by renowned historians on times, events, battles, etc. These provide teachers with relevant background knowledge but can also be viewed by students in more advanced classes.

First Person Portrayals: Ideal to be shown in the classroom, actors play the parts of historic characters from our past, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, William Penn, Abigail Adams and many, many more.

Newsreels: Newsreel footage from significant events in the 20th century provides perspectives from the time period and can be contrasted with news reports from today.

Eyewitness Accounts: Here about history from those that lived it. Eyewitness Accounts includes interviews with veterans and other participants and bystanders that were a part of our history.