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Primary Sources

Primary Sources

CICERO provides an abundance of Primary Sources in each unit for both students and teachers to interpret, analyze and discuss. Primary Sources are firsthand accounts that provide us with the ability to examine a historical event from various authors and perspectives. Using Primary Sources are one of many ways to explore informational text and connect to Common Core Standards.

Diaries and Journals: Students can explore and relive history using firsthand accounts of historical events through the many Diary and Journal entries within each unit.

Landmark Documents: Students can examine various documents in their original format to gain a better understanding of how documents shaped our government and society and defined relations with between the United States and foreign governments.

Memorials:  Memorials provide an opportunity to view and interpret characteristics of historical figures of the past. Some wrote their own epitaphs or obituaries and defined how they wished to be remembered. Other people relied upon society to determine how they would best be remembered.

Speeches/Correspondence: Historic figures are often remembered for what they said or what they wrote. Here you can read important speeches and correspondence from notable people in the time period.