I am loving the Cicero site!! The teaching tools are fantastic — the graphic organizers, powerpoints, timelines, and more!…
- Mary Byatt
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Workshops, Seminars and Colloquia

Cicero Systems provides a wide range of professional development opportunities for teachers in a variety of delivery methods. Our Educational Services Consultants can create a custom training program that fits your needs, your budget and your schedule!
Onsite or Online

Our historians, education specialists and first person character actors are available for onsite training at your location or a location nearby, or online via video conferencing or web-based collaboration.

An Hour, a Day or a Week

Whether you have only an hour to spare, or are looking for a week or more of professional development, we have solutions to fit your needs.

For shorter sessions, we offer online training through High-Definition video conferencing or through your computer delivered over the web.

Proven Results

Our education specialists bring a wealth of knowledge in teaching methods and strategies to help engage students and turn them into active learners.

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Common Core Professional Development

Common Core Professional Development Packages

CICERO Systems' Professional Development division offers workshops, seminars, colloquia, institutes, and discussions in various models and delivery systems.

Watch informational videos and browse through our extensive list of Common Core Professional Development topics to see how we can meet all of your Professional Development needs!

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Field Study Trips for Teachers

When does a field trip become a field study trip? Don't just visit historical sites, study them with historians and local experts all along the way! With Field Study Trips from CiceroSystems, we work with you to plan, develop, organize and coordinate all aspects of your trip, so you don't have to! Our partnerships with nationally acclaimed parks, museums, institutes and other historical sites allow us to provide premier access to facilities that is not always available to other trips or the public. All along the way you are escorted by local experts or historians knowledgable in the site or facility you are visiting.
We visit sites like...
  • PA: Historic Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Coal Mines, etc.
  • MA: Boston, Plymouth, Quincy, Concord, Lowell, Salem, etc.
  • NY: Hudson River sites, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc.
  • NJ: Washington’s Crossing, Trenton, Princeton, Salem County, Morristown, etc.
  • VA: Civil War battlefields, Monticello, Montpellier, Ashland, Richmond, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown
  • ...and many more!
Our trips include...
  • Scheduling with all destinations, guides and historians
  • Flights, accommodations, meals, and all ground transportation
  • Optional outside entertainment for downtimes
  • Discussions with historians and scholars
  • Training to take students on trips
  • 24 hour access to staff representative
Benefits of our trips
  • Gain valuable knowledge and access to substantive historical content
  • Guided tours at most sites, led by historians and period specialists
  • Meals, lodging, and all transportation arranged in advance with established companies
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Distance Learning Opportunities

Distance should never be a barrier to quality professional development training. From our Swedesboro, NJ facilities, we offer distance learning anywhere Internet access is available. Whether you have a group in one location or a group scattered in many locations, we can provide the connectivity via web-based collaboration software or dedicated video conferencing facilities.We've hosted distance learning sessions from 1 to 8 hours, connecting teachers across the country and across multiple time zones. Ask one of our Educational Services Consultants how our distance learning offerings can be a cost-effective alternative to onsite training!

Benefits of distance learning
  • No costly travel requirements
  • Group and/or individuals can participate
  • Sessions can be any length, from 1 hour to all day, or can be broken into multiple days
  • Schedule when it is convenient for your staff to attend
  • Sessions can be recorded and archived for later review
Who uses distance learning?
  • Rural districts or small schools without the number of teachers required to economically bring in quality professional development
  • Large districts that do not want or are unable to schedule an entire group for training at one time
  • Schools and districts looking for partners to bring in high-quality professional development and share the costs
System recommendations
  • Broadband Internet access such as DSL, Cable Modem, or better
  • Window XP/7 PC or Apple Mac
  • Optional: Webcam for displaying video feed of each participant
  • Headset or noise-cancelling microphone for best audio quality
  • IP-Based video conference system for point-to-point HD video conferencing (optional)
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Curricula Services

A large number of our staff are former educators, many of which have written curricula for their school, district or state. We offer a number of services to audit, align or even create curricula together with your state content standards and the national Common Core Standards.

Curricula Audits

Curriculum Concierge™ is an audit-style program evaluation to fit your needs.

Unlike many curriculum audit and program evaluation models that try to mold your school and district into a set of pre-defined standards and performance objectives, Curriculum Concierge works cooperatively with you and your school community for optimum school performance and student achievement.

Curricula Alignment

Curricula Alignment occurs after an audit has determined that there are significant gaps in content distribution between the client’s course of study and existing state standards used as a reference. It serves (at least) the following purposes:

  • Re-organizes curriculum guides and course offerings
  • Ensures that components required by state assessments are included
  • Provides guidance on the structuring of assessments within the district
  • Provides guidance to fill gaps in the curriculum
Curricula Creation

With our experienced staff, we have written curriculum for grades K-12 in not only U.S. History, but also Government, Economics and Geography.

We work in conjunction with your staff, or separately, and can provide training to assist your staff in creating substantive content for your curriculum.

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