I wanted to thank you again for all of your hard with the Orange County teachers. The program you put together for us was…
- Kristine Rengel
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Curriculum Services

Curriculum Concierge™ - Curriculm Audits

Curriculum Concierge™ is an audit-style program evaluation to fit your needs. Unlike many curriculum audit and program evaluation models that try to mold your school and district into a set of pre-defined standards and performance objectives, Curriculum Concierge works cooperatively with you and your school community for optimum school performance and student achievement. This distinctive new process incorporates audit style program review and evaluation to qualify the alignment, design, planning, implementation, and performance of the Social Studies curriculum as it relates to the other disciplines. Utilizing accepted research-based practices coupled with our “real world” Curriculum Concierge methodology, the fusion of themes, knowledge, dispositions, and performance are advanced. The ultimate goal of the Curriculum Concierge program is to tailor content, practices and pedagogy so that they meld into your school culture seamlessly to foster student achievement. Once your teachers, students and parents see the connections to Language Arts Literacy, the Fine and Performing Arts, and Career Education through the Social Studies, they will breathe a healthy sigh of relief in the knowledge that no one will definitely be left behind.

Curriculum Concierge is extremely affordable when compared with similar programs — if you can find one. In addition, its nonintrusive style and cooperative-based format will never upset the day-to-day operation of your school and district. Curriculum Concierge is the perfect program to ease the angst prior to those “mandated” state evaluation and monitoring teams. Curriculum Concierge will fit the pieces of your puzzle into one complete picture of increased student achievement.

Curricula Alignment

Curricula Alignment occurs after an audit has determined that there are significant gaps in content distribution between the client’s course of study and existing state standards used as a reference. It serves (at least) the following purposes:

Curricula Creation

AIHE writes Social Studies curricula for grades K-12. Separate History, Government, Economic, and Geography curricula can be developed with your teachers, department chairs, or separately. AIHE specialists have written curricula for a number of prominent districts and have worked on creating state curriculum frameworks and assessments. AIHE specialists will write curricula or train teachers to write curricula that will be closely aligned to state curriculum standards.

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