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Dr. Kevin Brady provided a geographical image of the push and pull factors of slavery. In doing so, he promoted a casual…
- Shannon Maida

Our Professional Development webinar covers a variety of topics related to History and Common Core Standards. Sessions typically include audio and PowerPoint presentations, and usually integrate a live video feed of the presenter. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and discuss topics presented. Each session is guaranteed to give you tools and techniques that you can apply into your classroom immediately. After completion of a webinar, you will receive a continuing education certificate.

To register for a presentation, click on any of the register links below.

Scheduled Webinars

Three Levels of Questioning - Analyzing Visual SourcesDr. Kevin T. Brady
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, March 25, 20153:30pm-4:30pmRegister Now!
Developing Academic UnderstandingLaureen Hungo
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, April 29, 20153:30pm-4:30pmRegister Now!
Developing Historical ThinkingDr. Kevin T. Brady
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, May 27, 20153:30pm-4:30pmRegister Now!
Fact or FictionLaureen Hungo
CICERO Systems
Thursday, June 11, 20153:30pm-4:30pmRegister Now!

Previously Recorded Webinars

Methods and Strategies Webinars

Comparing Informational TextsLaureen Hungo
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, February 25, 2015Playback
Binary PaideiaDr. Kevin T. Brady
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, January 28, 2015Playback
Three Levels of QuestionsLaureen Hungo
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, December 10, 2014Playback
Bracketing History - ContextualizationDr. Kevin T. Brady
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, November 19, 2014Playback
Activate Learning in the Classroom: Will Our Voices Be Heard?Laureen Hungo
CICERO Systems
Wednesday, October 29, 2014Playback
The Great Parley: The Ultimate New Learning Standards ActivityDr. Kevin T. Brady
CICERO Systems
Tuesday, September 30, 2014Playback
What's My Return Address?Anthony FitzpatrickTuesday, June 18, 2013Playback
Mastering the Common Core with a STREAM of ConsciousnessDr. Kevin T. Brady
Thursday, May 23, 2013Playback
The Great Parley - The Ultimate Common Core Strategy
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Kevin T. Brady
Wednesday, April 17, 2013Playback
Will Our Voices Be Heard? Laureen HungoThursday, March 21, 2013Playback
Perpective in HistoryFran Macko
Tuesday, February 19, 2013Playback
White Out!Anthony Fitzpatrick
Thursday, January 17, 2013Playback
Interrogating the TextLucinda Evans
Thursday, December 13, 2012Playback
Building Concept Understanding and Academic VocabularyFran Macko
Tuesday, November 13, 2012Playback
Social Studies can be SPECtacular!Anthony Fitzpatrick
Tuesday, October 16, 2012Playback
Memoirs in TimeLucinda Evans
Tuesday, September 18, 2012Playback

Content Webinars

Eugenics and the ProgressivesDr. Kevin T. Brady, President
Thursday, August 23, 2012Playback
A World of Clashing Darwinism: Conservatism and Liberalism in Late-Nineteenth Century AmericaDr. David Wrobel
Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas
Tuesday, July 24, 2012Playback
War and the Landscape of MemoryDr. Thomas Connors
Univ. of Northern Iowa
Tuesday, June 12, 2012Playback
The Era of Good Feelings(?) (1776 - 1865)Dr. John Sacher
Univ. of Central Florida
Thursday, May 24, 2012Playback
The March to the Trenches: Military Change and the Origins of the Great War (1865 - 1898)Dr. Nathaniel Knight
Seton Hall Univ.
Thursday, April 19, 2012Playback
Post War Suffrage Campaign (1865 - 1898)Dr. Judith Giesburg
Villanova Univ.
Tuesday, March 27, 2012Playback
Evolution of American military doctrine from 1945 to the presentProf. Ed Turzanski
Foreign Policy Research Center
Thursday, February 16, 2012Playback
American Indian and European Encounters, 1400-1776Dr. William J. Bauer, Jr.
Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas
Thursday, January 19, 2012Playback
Coming to America: Immigration in the late 19th Century ***Note: webinar experienced minor audio issues that could not be removed for playback***
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Aaron Sheehan-Dean
Univ. of North Florida
Tuesday, December 13, 2011Playback
How do Historians Interpret Antebellum Slavery?Dr. Sharon Sundue
Drew University
Tuesday, November 15, 2011Playback
The Struggle for Human Rights & Social Justice in the Early 20th CenturyDr. Lillie Edwards
Drew University
Tuesday, October 18, 2011Playback
Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution? Teaching the Founding Era
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. David Tanenhaus
Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas
Tuesday, September 20, 2011Playback
The War(s) of 1812 in Global and American PerspectivesDr. Michael Neiberg
Univ. of Southern Miss.
Tuesday, August 16, 2011Playback
Filling-up the Frontier and Guarding the Gates: The Intertwined Histories of Chinese and Native Americans in the late 19th century WestDr. Allison Varzally
California State University, Fullerton
Tuesday, July 26, 2011Playback
Reconstruction: Reunification and Reconciliation?
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Larry Greene
Seton Hall University
Tuesday, June 21, 2011Playback
Racial Violence & Social OrderDr. Walter Greason
Ursinus College
Tuesday, May 17, 2011Playback
Nationalism in the Balkans in Early 20th Century
(Suggested Reading)
Ms. Vassiliki Sakka
University of Athens
Tuesday, April 19, 2011Playback
The United States and the Origins of the Cold WarDr. James Carter
Drew University
Wednesday, March 16, 2011Playback
The Uprising of the 20,000:  The Shirtwaist Makers’ Strikes and the Triangle Fire, 1909-1911
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Jill Zahniser
Univ. of Wisconsin (River Falls)
Tuesday, February 15, 2011Playback
Dutch Revolt from Spain and The Emergence of a Commercial RepublicJonathan Even-Zohar, Historian
European Assoc. of History Educators (Euroclio)
Tuesday, January 25, 2011Playback
Remember the LadiesDr. Jill Zahniser
Univ. of Wisconsin (River Falls)
Tuesday, December 14, 2010Playback
A Day that will Live in Infamy
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Michael Neiberg
Univ. of Southern Mississippi
Monday, November 15, 2010Playback
Were the Puritans Pure?
(Suggested Reading)
Dr. Ralph Young
Temple University
Tuesday, October 19, 2010Playback
Colonial Constitutional PrinciplesDr. Carson L. Holloway
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Tuesday, September 28, 2010Playback
Thinking Historically for Teachers and StudentsRobert Brown
Tuesday, August 17, 2010Playback
“The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God:” The European Roots of American DeismDr. Patricia Behre
Fairfield University
Sunday, June 20, 2010Playback
Education and American Development: How education affected political expression, inventiveness, managerial expertise, and equal rights.Dr. John Clark
Paterson School District (NJ)
Tuesday, June 15, 2010Playback
The Good War? Teaching the Second World War in the 21st CenturyDr. Michael Neiberg
University of Southern Mississippi
Tuesday, May 18, 2010Playback
World's Fairs, 1876-1939: What did they teach Americans about Technology, Ethnic Diversity and Foreign Cultures?Dr. Eric Davis
Rutgers University
Tuesday, April 20, 2010Playback
Alice Paul: Winning the Vote for WomenDr. Jill Zahniser
University of Wisconsin
Tuesday, March 23, 2010Playback
Meet Abraham LincolnChristian Johnson as Mr. Abraham LincolnTuesday, February 16, 2010Playback
Martin Luther King, Jr.: A World Leader for Peace, Human Rights, & Economic JusticeDr. Larry Greene
Seton Hall University
Tuesday, January 19, 2010Playback
10 Crucial Days, December, 1776Professor David Booz
Gettysburg College
Tuesday, December 15, 2009Playback
The First ThanksgivingDr. Ralph Young
Temple University
Tuesday, November 17, 2009Playback
American’s Grimm Tale: Washington Irving and Sleepy Hollow’s Storied LandscapeDr. Thomas Connors
University of Northern Iowa
Tuesday, October 20, 2009Playback