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Fantastic! Teachers think CICERO is awesome! Got to brag on it to principals and administrators at a district wide meeting I…
- Marjorie ZuZu Freyer
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Carmen Collins, Bilingual Educator says:
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My students love the worldview program, we are now saving work and sending it on drive to one another. OMG! I have always loved Cicero and now this program has me preaching to my colleagues about trying it. I am able to get material for Socratic Seminars, my Spanish dominant students are happy that they are able to switch languages when something doesn't make sense in English. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!


Evan Lowenthal says:
BookRags provides lesson plans with provocative class discussion questions, creative activities and an extensive test bank. Every teacher should try it!


Ms. Peterson says:
I love my time saving, editable novel units from BookRags. Thank you!


Debra Oliva says:
BookRags lesson plans allow me to spend more time with students and revising essays and less time preparing class and tests.


Joyce Johns says:
I love BookRags because I have found material there that was not available anywhere else.


Reviewer Comment, Teachers Choice Award, 2006 says:
This CD is a powerful learning tool because it teaches the children through fun, upbeat music with positive easy to understand lessons. The lyrics are appealing to the children and speak to them in their terms.


Jennifer Yeager, cdbaby.com says:
What a great tool for the elementary school counselor. I have used this tool for developmental guidance lessons about manners and etiquette and the kids LOVE IT! Teachers comment that kids are humming Cool Kind Kid and doing the motions we added to the song. I highly recommend this CD to anyone working with young children.


Parents' Choice Award, 2009 says:
With contemporary style and upbeat music and lyrics that children can easily put into practice, [CKK products] offer a fun way to teach manners and social skills - without being boring and uptight.


Debi Applebee, Co-op Member (Home School Buyer's Co-op) says:
WOO HOOO, this is FAB!! PS can I just mention how REALLY impressive all these resources are, as well as the additional teaching and skills this is setting students up with.


Laura Carlson, Co-op Member (Home School Buyer's Co-op) says:
Cicero History programming is a wonderful change for our son. He is an avid reader of historical information, and using the computer is a nice change with videos and extras. It is not comparable with other programs-truly unique and interesting for a 12 year olds need to learn!


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