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Teachers I am an elementary school teacher and this is my second year participating in the American Institute for History…
- Colleen Press
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Karen Schmitten says:
We have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with the American Institute for History Education (AIHE). Our teachers have increased not only their content knowledge through the colloquiums, but also their pedogicial skills. The professors and master history teachers AIHE has provided are top-notch. Our teachers walk away from each staff development offering excited to use their new knowledge back in the classroom. We have several districts where two history teachers were involved in the grant, went back and shared their knowledge and excitement with others, and now have the entire history department involved. Principals are very pleased with what their teachers are gaining through involvement in the TAH grant, and AIHE.


Pam Polizzi says:
I honestly don't know what I would do without CICERO. Being allowed access to that site has made my life so much easier. I am researching CICERO today to prepare for the New Deal and then WWII and can't believe the plethora of information available. I don't know why anyone who has access to the site wouldn't use it!


Kyle Wylie says:
I just want to say that it was refreshing attending last Friday and Saturday. I am excited to continue teaching History. I want to thank you guys for reigniting the spark to teach. Sometimes I feel out of it, but this helped reaffirm why I teach. Thanks for everything.


Michael Ballard says:
Thank you and AIHE for producing Talking History. We're still talking about Sleepy Hollow, and several of my teachers who 'attended' the First Thanksgiving have stated they are using that material this week and next as we get ready for our Thanksgiving break.


Frances Green says:
[...] I use Cicero daily. I really don't know what I would do without it. I can't imagine how I would teach American History without it. For teachers who have never used it, I truly encourage them to do so. Cicero has everything you need to teach American History. The videos and powerpoints are wonderful. I'm very lucky because I have a Smart Board in my room and can show everything to the class. I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in this wonderful grant.


Sharon L. Prizer says:
I want to share with you that I thoroughly enjoyed my three year fellowship with the AIHE, and believe I am the better teacher from the experience. My (4th grade) students benefit both from the variety of teaching techniques that I employ within the framework of my history lessons as well as the new methods for research that I now embrace for establishing background knowledge. Finally, the field experiences were huge in contributing to the “stories” I can retell and make American history come alive and meaningful for the 9 and 10-year olds I teach. I must (even) thank you for familiarizing me with the benefits of using Binary Paidea as guiding questions with which to frame my history lessons. It was a wonderful professional experience!

I hope that those thoughts will serve impetus enough to encourage others to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities the [AIHE] colloquia and field studies provide.


Brian Benson says:
I was part of the Elk Grove seminar last week. I wanted to let you know that I used [Dr. Dennis Denenberg’s] jigsaw method today in my US History class today where groups read personal accounts from “Rosie the Rivetor”. It went really well and the students seemed to enjoy it. I’ve been using this primary source material for years but this was the first time I feel the kids actually got something out of it. Thanks!!!


Lysette Toro-Mays says:
I just had to tell you that [Dr. Dennis Denenberg’s] presentation today was the best presentation I have ever been to. You really brought history to life and made it soooooo interesting. I cannot wait to start using some of the techniques you showed and told us about today. You have provided me with a wealth of information. YOU ARE now one of MY HEROes!!! Thank you soooooooo much!!!!


Karen Schmitten says:
One of our high school teachers in our grant is so excited to be using Bill Ross' bracketing method, and says the kids are loving it. Another teacher is using some other methods gained from the summer institute, with great results. They are so excited about all they've learned that they have inspired a third colleague to apply for the Liberty Fellowship. That will pretty much complete the department for their small rural high school. That's pretty neat. We are adding an additional high school teacher from one of our largest high schools due to her colleague's enthusiastic attitude. If we keep this up, we're going to have to start meeting in a different building!

This enthusiasm is attributed to the excellent program AIHE provides in the Liberty Fellowship. With our rural location, and the lack of any four year institute, it is a much needed program, and greatly appreciated. Thank you for the quality professors and master history teachers you send our way.


Patricia Phillips says:
Thank you for providing our group with an excellent tour of Gettysburg. Many teachers have written me and told me how much they enjoyed the tours. Attached is the proof...all smiling faces!! Hopefully we will have the good fortune of having you as our site coordinator in the future.


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